2010: Artists for World Peace


“Art is Life; Life is Art:” A Study of Access to Higher Education for Low-Income Art Students in Middlesex County

for Artists for World Peace

by Priscilla Bustamante, Sarice Greenstein, Rithi Mathias, and Mariel Matze


In collaboration with a community organization, Artists for World Peace (AFWP), a research team of four Wesleyan students studied the factors that influence whether low-income high school students from Middlesex County who are interested in the arts will:

  • Attend college rather than enter the work force;
  • Attend a four-year college instead of a two-year college such as a community college; and/or
  • Continue to study and pursue their interest in the arts after they graduate high school.

Data were obtained in order to assist AFWP develop a potential scholarship for low-income art students.