2006: The Connection

“Trailblazing in Rehabilitation: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices At The Connection, Inc.”

for The Connection, Inc.

by Marjorie Cardon, Emilie Phelps, Cynthia Santiago, and Kara Schnoes


This study was conducted by a research team of four Wesleyan University students in cooperation with the Connection, a nonprofit human services and community development agency based in Connecticut.  The research identifies factors that hinder or aid rehabilitation facilities in the implementation of five evidence-based practices, which include assessment of criminogenic needs, use of motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), engagement in pro-social activities, and preparation for meaningful employment.  The students researched the following four Connection facilities: Middlesex Alternative to Incarceration Center (AIC), Meriden AIC, Hallie House, and Connection House.  The research team anonymously interviewed 37 clients and 19 staff to provide a comprehensive picture of each facility’s strengths and weaknesses.