1999: Children’s Home of Cromwell

“Children’s Home of Cromwell: A Consumer Satisfaction Assessment”

for Children’s Home of Cromwell

by Hannah Blitzer, Lauren Langbaum, Daniela Lewy, and Samantha Wright


The Children’s Home of Cromwell (CHOC) is a residential treatment center for children, ages 8 to 18, who are unable to live with their families due to abuse, neglect, or delinquency. CHOC addresses the educational, emotional, physical, social, and behavioral needs of the children through participation in school, therapy, and various other activities. In order to determine the efficacy of its program, CHOC commissioned four Wesleyan students to conduct a thorough consumer satisfaction assessment of four divisions of CHOC’s clientele: the children, their families, DCF (Department of Children and Families), and school districts. This was accomplished through the administration of surveys to all four groups. The final compilation of data includes eighty-one children’s surveys, fourteen parents’ surveys, 15 school district surveys, and 19 DCF surveys.