2000: Middletown Youth

“Investigating Afterschool Patterns, Youth Wants and Needs, and Attendance at the Middletown Youth Center”

for Middletown Youth Center

by Eliza Botsford, Caleb Englander, Hilary Mitchell, and Marcel Paret


In a joint project involving Wesleyan University and the Middletown Youth Center (MYC), four Wesleyan students set out to study attendance at the Middletown Youth Center. Since the opening of the Middletown Youth Center in May 1999, the set of 400 students that signed on during the grand opening has dwindled to a group of 40 students that attend the center on a regular basis. The goal of the project is to answer the following question: Why don’t more youth from private and technical schools attend the MYC, and what can the MYC do to attract them?