2002: Middletown Senior Center

“Vitalizing Longevity: Baby Boomers Redefining and Envisioning the Future”

for Middletown Senior Center

by Varuna Anand, Amanda Chiu, Peter Rosenblatt, Wichuda Wichaidit


This study was conducted by a group of four Wesleyan students as part of the Community Research Seminar, in collaboration with the Middletown Senior Center and the City of Middletown, to study the needs, interests, and attitudes of Middletown Baby Boomers (those born between the years of 1946-1959) in the years to come. Interviews covered a wide array of areas, including education, finances, work and retirement, housing, community services, and leisure activities. One hundred Middletown Baby Boomers were interviewed, 63 female and 37 male. Seven Baby Boomers then participated in a follow-up focus group for the purpose of clarifying and probing deep