2003: Riverview Hospital

“After Riverview: A Survey of the Accessibility and Quality of Aftercare Services, and an Assessment of Former Patients’ Current Functioning”

for Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth

by Doron Taussig, Ryan Ungaro, Andrea Wozny, and Perri Yaniv


This study aims to provide information about the current conditions of adolescents who have been discharged from a psychiatric care facility. The study was conducted by the Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth in Middletown, CT in collaboration with four Wesleyan University students enrolled in Sociology 316: Community Research Seminar. Riverview Hospital is one of five treatment facilities operated by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

The study attempts to answer three key questions: 1) How satisfied are the guardians of former Riverview patients with the care of adolescents received at the hospital? 2) How much are patients discharged from Riverview Hospital accessing aftercare psychatric services? and 3) How well are these disch