2004: Riverview Hospital

“Transitions from Psychiatric Hospitalization to Aftercare: A Follow-Up Study of Patients Discharged from Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth”

for Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth

by Rebecca Brigham, Corey Orlando, Shani Pavel, and Amanda Westlake


The purpose of this study was to provide information on the effectiveness of hospitalization at Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth, ad to identify factors associated with post-discharge success. Telephone interviews were conducted at two, four, and six weeks post-discharge with the guardians of twelve patients. The interview was designed to assess patient environments, patient functioning, symptoms and diagnoses, aftercare services, and consumer perspectives. Findings indicated that overall patients improved during hospitalization and maintained these gains to some extent during the period immediately following discharge. In general, patients were generally satisfied and complied with aftercare services. Based on this research, we have made recommendations as to how patient follow up can be integrated into Riverview’s clinical practice.