2005: Revolutions in Agriculture

“Revolutions in Agriculture in Middlesex County, Connecticut during the Mid 19th Century” by Rachel Ostlund

The mid-19th century marked the beginning of organized agricultural societies, experiment stations, agricultural schools and extension centers.  During this time period, farms around Middletown, Connecticut experienced many of the same changes in agriculture as the rest of New England.  However, Middletown stands out as being home to the first agriculture experiment station in the country and to two prominent Wesleyan University affiliates: Orange Judd, an alumnus of the school, and Professor Wilbur O. Atwater.

Countless farms have been unable to keep up with the relentless transformations agriculture has undergone over the past few centuries.  Lymans Orchard, located right over the Middletown-Middlefield border, is a rare and impressive example of a farm that has weathered innumerable changes in agriculture over the past 264 years.  Started as a small family farm, the Lymans specialized during the 19th century, a wise tactic that allowed for the continued success of the farm.

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