2011: WESU

A profile of the DJs and leadership of WESU, one of the nation’s oldest college radio stations.



2011: Convicted Scholars

A compelling portrait of the teachers and scholars of the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education.



2011: Spokebenders

A look at the past, present, and future of the Spokebender’s, Connecticut’s championship wheelchair basketball team.



2011: WildWes

A vital portrait of the permaculture activist phenomenon known as Wild Wesleyan.






2010: Fighting Discrimination

A fascinating profile of the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the oldest civil rights agency in the nation.

Fighting Discrimination in Connection: CT Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities by Steve Koch and Zuleikha Hester




2010: Lawns

An impassioned look at the hows and whys of sustainable landscaping, featuring interviews with several New England landscape designers on the cutting edge of this exciting field.

Lawns by Miles Bukiet


2010: Gilead

A tender and affecting portrait of the clients and staff of Gilead Community Services, an innovative Middletown agency that provides vital services to people in the mental health community.

Gilead by Emily Brackman and Sena Ito




2010: Soldier’s Story

A revealing portrait of Iraq War veteran Tim Green, class of 2011, who talks about his quest to make others aware of the real costs of war.

Soldier’s Story by Jack Pearce


2010: Miller/Bridge

A hard look at the aborted attempt to relocate residents of the Miller St./Bridge St. neighborhood in Middletown.

Miller/Bridge by Nora Christiani and Sarah Leitson