2011: The Leftovers

An investigation on the conflicts of institutionalizing composting on the Wesleyan campus.

The Leftovers by Zoe Treeson



2009: The Road Less Traveled

A look at three nurses’ choice to become involved in integrative care.

The Road Less Traveled: 3 Nurses in Integrative Care by Brenna Galvin


2009: Stalwart

A documentary look at Sharon Hines, a nurse with stage four lung cancer, and her battle with her insurance company over payment for treatment.

Stalwart by Laurenellen McCann


2009: Sissies

A look at the caregiving role of men in nursing.

Sissies: Men in Nursing by Elliot Skopin


2009: Nursing Tensions

A documentary on the integration of University of Maryland Nursing School in 1950 focusing on the stories of Esther McCready and Rosetta Sands.

Nursing Tensions: Race Relations in Nursing by Chris Doucette


2009: Men in Nursing

A documentary on the perceptions of men in nursing.

Not Just a Woman’s World: Men in Nursing by Kait Halibozek


2009: Living on the Other Side

A documentary on the importance of emotional support for Sharon Hines, an oncology nurse, in her struggle with stage four lung cancer.

Living on the Other Side by Gabe Elder


2009: Lifelong Learning

A look into the changes in nursing education from the 1950s to the present

Lifelong Learning: The Evolution of Nursing Education by Sarah Gillig


2009: I, Nurse

An investigation into relationships between nurses and patients.

I, Nurse by Vyta Pivoriunaite


2009: Healing Touch

A look at the importance of touch in healing and integrative medicine.

Healing Touch: The Integration of Compassion and the Placebo Effect by Ian Trancynger