PSYC 206: Cognitive Development and Education

This course introduces students to translational research in psychology: research that draws on psychological science to inform practice. The course is built around a central case study, the acquisition of numerical concepts in deaf children. We will cover existing research on cognitive and language development, deaf education, and teaching strategies as a means to learn about research methods and practices in these areas.

The service-learning component of the course, in which students will spend two hours per week in a preschool, provides a hands-on opportunity to interact with preschool children and learn firsthand about their learning environment and styles. Although the service-learning component will generally entail work in hearing preschools, opportunities will be available for observation and volunteering in schools for deaf children.

Sites include:

The sites were:
Macdonough School (Middlesex Community College Preschool)
The Neighborhood Preschool
Snow School (Middletown School Readiness Program)
Idella Howell Head Start CRT

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